Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Precious Moment Is Worth A Few Very Good Words

The titles for Precious Moments figurines make all the difference, don’t they? It’s part of what endears so many people to them. You can look at the product and think it’s sweet, but then when you turn the figurine upside down to look at the base, the title truly provides the “awww” factor that makes the little teardrop-eyed children so memorable!

For over three decades, Precious Moments figurines have captured the hearts of collectors. Those teardrop eyes are unmistakable and unparalleled, and their titles are a tremendous part of their appeal.

Precious Moments figurine titles often contain a pun that relates to the piece. For example, one of the most well-known Precious Moments figurines, “Love Lifted Me,” shows a little boy and girl on a see-saw.

Here is a more recent figurine titled “Drawing Us Closer Together,” which shows a sweet little boy looking up at his Mother while he draws with Crayola crayons.

Other Precious Moments figurines don’t incorporate titles. Some are more sentimental and focus on relationships. Here is a very popular piece titled, “My Granddaughter, My Joy.” In fact, the title is displayed on Grandmother’s apron, so no need to look on the bottom stamp for the title!

It’s worth noting that Sam Butcher, the creator of Precious Moments, was a chalkboard minister before he began drawing his innocent little teardrop-eyed children. Many of the figurines have an inspirational tone, and so do their corresponding titles. One of the most memorable is “Praise The Lord Anyhow,” portraying a little boy whose ice cream has fallen out of his cone, much to his dog’s delight.

Do you have a favorite Precious Moment figurine? Which one is it, and why is it your favorite? Does the title add to your enjoyment? We invite you to share with us on Facebook!

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