Monday, February 1, 2010

This Is My Precious Moment

From the first day that I started to work for The Hamilton Collection, I was impressed by the quality of each of the collectible figurines we create. What I did not realize until recently was the effect a collectible figurine can have on your life. This is my precious moment.

During part of my career here at The Hamilton Collection, I had the opportunity to work with the Product Development team. I spent many weeks, months and years working with a team of talented individuals creating the best Precious Moments collections.

Understanding the intricate details of Sam Butcher’s tear dropped eyed children was not an easy task. Learning design standards such as the measurements of their eye shape, each figurine’s correct proportions and even how their hands were shaped was a challenge I was ready for. What I do not think I was prepared for at the time was the personal impact one Precious Moments figurine would have on my life.

Let me first introduce one of the greatest women to enter my life, my mother-in-law fondly known to all as Granny. She was a beautiful woman so full of life that always sang, laughed and found a silver lining in every cloud. One of her favorite songs was “Singing in the Rain.” She never complained, had a great sense of humor and loved her family. Widowed at a young age, Granny kept her family close and surrounded herself with a simple life building a legacy for her children.

I fell in love with Granny the first time I met her. Her laugh was contagious and I still remember sitting with her that first visit listening to stories about her family. She beamed with love for life and a halo of warmth shined brightly around her. There were many more days like this one that followed, each one creating a new precious moment in my life.

As Mother’s Day 2007 approached, Granny was approaching the celebration of her 84th birthday. She had touched my heart so many times that I wanted to express my love for her in a very special way. I set out on what began as a research project and evolved into a project of love. I wanted to create a scrapbook to preserve Granny’s many memories. I wanted to document the precious moments of Granny’s life.

I still remember her smile the day we gave her the scrapbook along with the Precious Moments “My Granddaughter, My Joy” figurine. Although she was only my mother-in-law, she was a great-grandmother, grandmother, and loving mother to so many. I felt this piece depicted the love we all had for Granny. Plus seeing the grandmother and granddaughter sharing a scrapbook made this truly a precious moment.

This was one of the last moments we had with Granny. In December of that year, she joined her devoted husband for an eternal dance amongst the clouds of heaven. The Precious Moments “My Granddaughter, My Joy” figurine returned to me. It sits atop my shelf in my craft room. When I enter the room and look at this beautiful figurine, I immediately hear Granny’s laugh and “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain”.

If you are looking for a way to express your love for the special people in your life, Precious Moments collectibles have a way of expressing what your heart really feels. I have experienced this first hand, and would love to hear your own stories. What are the Precious Moments of your life?

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