Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Welcome to 2010, and welcome to our blog! We want this to be a place to share ideas, information and stories about Precious Moments…those adorable little figurines with the teardrop eyes. With everything going on in the world—especially in our small corner of it—there’s something wonderfully comforting about our collections of porcelain figurines. They remind us of the simple, positive things that still exist all around us. All we need to do is simply keep our eyes open and look for them. We like to think that’s what Sam Butcher intended when he created them over 30 years ago.

So first, a little bit about us. We work at The Hamilton Collection and are a few of the folks behind those little teardrop-eyed children. Under the inspiration of the legendary Sam Butcher, we bring many of these figurines direct to you. We see so many positive things around us each day, and those simple moments and serene gestures are the inspiration behind Sam Butcher’s creations—we simply bring them to life. We all read blogs and are active on Facebook and other sites, yet we haven’t been able to find a place where we can share our passion for our Precious Moments collections. Now with this spot, we can.

So what’s on our mind the first week of this New Year and decade? The holidays! Yes, we admit we’re still mentally lingering in 2009. Of course we grudgingly took our Christmas decorations down. (Is it us, or does the house seem really empty after they’re all put away?) The stale cookies have been fed to the birds, and now we’re just sorting through all the pictures we took with our new digital cameras! (Miraculously, we figured out how to upload them off our cameras and into our computers!)

Christmas is a big time for Precious Moments, and one of our best selling pieces this year was the “Granddaughter, You Are My Sunshine” figurine. Here’s a photo. Isn’t she adorable? She makes us think of love, sunshine, and the sweetness of granddaughters. We hope she puts a smile on your face, too.

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