Monday, January 11, 2010

Chilly Weather Brings Warm Memories of Grandmother

The New Year sure did arrive in a chill! Near-record lows were recorded in many places, including those where all you need is a light jacket to get by. We spent a good portion of last week just trying to stay warm here in the office—and in our homes—with space heaters, blankets, cozy shawls and plenty of hot cocoa and coffee.

These simple “stay warm” remedies reminded us of our Grandmothers. My own Grandmother was resourceful, and in order to pinch pennies, she spent many nights crocheting blankets and shawls for her children and grandchildren. She knew nothing of new technical gadgets or the latest fashion fad. Instead, she would crochet a beautiful afghan or sweater in your favorite colors. She claimed it kept her hands busy, but we all knew how much she enjoyed giving away her creations. Her work was beautiful, not a stitch out of place. But what made it most memorable was that, sadly, in her later years, she lost her ability to see colors accurately. Often confusing blue and green and interchanging red and orange made for some interesting color combinations. In fact, for my 10th birthday she made me a patriotic sweater vest. It was a beautiful scalloped-edge, color-block design in “red, white and blue.” It was ivory, orange and purple. I told my mother I would never wear it. I gritted my teeth when Mom took a picture of me in it to send to her. But guess what? I still have that vest. I also have a knitted blanket that is about 4’ wide and 18’ long that she made for me when I graduated from college. It will be perfect for a cold-weather football game when I want to wrap up with 10 of my friends.

Many Precious Moments figurines have focused on sewing and crafting. They are simple pleasures that yield heartfelt gifts. The gifts my Grandmother gave to me can never be duplicated, nor will they ever be outdone. They are perfect because of their imperfections, which is one of the things that is so endearing about Precious Moments. Does anyone remember the patches on the older pieces?

I still have every one of the things my dear Grandmother made for me. I cherish them all, because they were made with love. So while I may not wear these items, they certainly do their job—of keeping me warm in my heart.

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