Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking to beat the heat...

We’re coming into the “dog days” of summer. The Fourth of July has passed, and back-to-school time is around the corner. Football fans are anxious for preseason to start. So while we’re in limbo in some ways, we do have heat. And, boy, has it been hot, hot, hot!

Looking for some ways to beat the heat? I have a few…

Last week my parents came into town for a week-long visit on one of their summer trips. We found lots of ways to beat the heat. One day, we rented a boat for a few hours, and so we sped off on the Intracoastal Waterway in a boat loaded with coolers of sandwiches, fruit and plenty of cold drinks. I think there’s something that mentally happens when you are on a boat. You just feel…cooler. Not just more hip! Really, the air seems cooler, and things just look better from a boat. We saw lots of beautiful birds, fish jumping and plenty of beautiful homes from our scenic view on the water. It rained while we were out, but even that was bearable while on the boat.

Another way we beat the heat was with home-made ice cream. Years ago my husband and I bought an electric ice cream maker. You simply chill the bowl, and then pull it out of the freezer and pop it on the electric base, add your ingredients, and voila! Ice cream in no time at all! Of course, if you are watching your waistline in the middle of swimsuit season, I don’t recommend this gadget. Anyway, we put it to good use, and it was wonderful! The ice cream it makes is that yummy soft-serve consistency which you can eat right away or freeze for later. We scooped out the “soft-serve” ice cream and ate it with sliced strawberries.

Of course, summer wouldn’t be summer without a good old-fashioned slice of watermelon. On the Fourth of July, we grilled burgers and hot dogs and had plenty of watermelon on hand. My husband and father grew up in the South, so they can’t eat watermelon without a salt shaker close at hand. Neither my mother nor I salt, and our 4-year old ate his plain, too. Whether you’re a melon salter or not, you just can’t beat ice cold watermelon on a hot day.

Finally, another way to beat the heat is to enjoy the air conditioning and take a nap or lounge with a good book. We did plenty of that during their visit, too!

However you choose to beat the heat this summer, stay safe and enjoy!

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