Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post-Valentine's Day Thoughts

So Valentine’s Day has passed. For some, it was a whirlwind of a weekend. For me, between my son’s 4-year old birthday party, a long-overdue date night with my husband and a lot of odds-and-ends errands, it was a very busy weekend. For a couple of my single friends, it was a weekend of anxiety. Will he call? Will I be the one who doesn’t get flowers in my office-turned-flower-shop workplace?? He did/did not kiss me, and what does that all mean?

Last week I received a call from a friend from college. The cute puppy she got from the animal shelter while we were in college together was put to sleep two weeks ago, and she was absolutely heartbroken over the loss. And when she said, “He was my favorite Valentine,” it made me realize that she did bring him home on February 14. And then it made me realize all over again how animals are wonderful friends. They truly touch our lives in ways that no human being can.

This week, the world-renowned Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is being televised. I know, the Olympics are on, too, but take a break from ski slopes and ice rinks and check this show out! Snuggle up with your own four-legged friend and enjoy the show. The dogs are beautiful, the mood is exciting, and you really can learn a lot about all different kinds of dogs. I also marvel at the glamour of this event—women wearing full-sequined gowns to watch dogs. I’ve been told this is the Super Bowl of dog events.

My son and I will be watching the dog show. He loves dogs. But no, we don’t have a dog! Why? My husband—my dear Valentine—does not like dogs!

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