Monday, April 26, 2010

Prom Night

Last Saturday evening, I had the thrill of seeing a red-carpet worthy event right on my street in suburbia. Glamorous, sparkling gowns, tuxedos and corsages…that’s right, it was prom night!

My husband and I were out in front of our house watching our 4-year old pedal his new bicycle in the driveway. A white stretch limousine pulled up in front of our neighbor’s home, so we had good seats for the show. Two freshly-pressed boys emerged from the limo in black tuxedos and headed for the door with the plastic containers holding their dates’ corsages. After a few minutes, they came out with their dates. One girl was wearing a lavender gown, and the other girl’s dress was turquoise with sequins. Three sets of parents followed them out, and before our eyes, the limo emptied four more couples. Right away, the line-up began, the teens struck their best poses, and the parental paparazzi took over with flash bulbs flying! We counted 6 couples—12 people—all lined up. It was a great night, too…warm and breezy without any hint of chill in the air.

Do you remember your own prom? Or how about Saturday date night? I love hearing the stories my own mother has told me about sock hops and doing the jitterbug. Back then, she tells me, music was played from the jukebox or from a live band. When I was in high school, we had a DJ, and today, everything is digitized. No records, just downloads.

Although times have changed, the thrill of date night—or in the case of last weekend—prom night, hasn’t changed much. I could see the starry-eyed excitement in that group of 6 couples. The girls looked so lovely in their gowns; the boys looked dapper and handsome. I imagine someday my 4-year old will be part of a scene like this, and I hope I can be one of those anxious parents snapping photos to remember the night forever.

To commemorate that thrill, this week I’ve selected “Rockin’ Through The Years,” one of our brand new figurines! It’s nostalgic and classic, just like Precious Moments.

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